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Individual walks are a great way to tailor the session to your dogs specific needs. 

Depending on the age and physical ability of your dog , the walk's distance and duration  can be customised to ensure your dog gets the most out of their walk.

£10 / hr

If you have more than one dog, this is a great chance for them to play and exercise together.

(For dogs of the same household only)

Whether you're out for the evening or on a weekend getaway, you can be reassured your dog is well looked after. 

All your dogs needs will be taken care of, they will be fed, walked and played with to keep them happy and relaxed while you're away.

£10  / hr

+ £5  for each additional dog

£ - Please enquire for a price

Small terrior dog walk

Individual Walks

Border collies group dog walk

Group Walks

Staffie stafordshire retriever dog sitting

Dog Sitting

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